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About the projectEdit

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Invitation (you can participate in this project)

The challenge (why bother?)

Project brief (what we hope to do)

Methodology (how we hope to do it)

Working papersEdit

Big ideas (life, the universe and everything)

Boulding 1956 (Summary of The Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism)

Kenneth Boulding (brief biographical note)

EPOQ timeline (evolutionary potential of Quakerism chronology)

Characteristics of God (Qualities ascribed to God by mainstream Christian and other monotheistic religions)

The God Hypothesis (Science does not confirm the existence of a monotheistic God)

Continuous creation (Everything is being continuously created by God)

God as emergent (an evolutionary theology sees God as an emergent property of human interaction and communication)

Knowledge doubling (how has knowledge evolved since Boulding's lecture?

Cynefin Quaker (complexity, knowledge domains and Quakerism)

Quaker Decision Making (discussion paper for NSW Regional Meeting)


Glossary (how words are used in this project)

Boulding bibliography (list of Kenneth Boulding's books)

List of Backhouse Lectures

Sandbox (not really part of the project - a page where you can try out or practice editing or discussing with no risk of messing up 'real' pages)

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