Creation spiral1

The Universe is continuously evolving

According to some mystical traditions, including Jewish Hassidic Kabbalah [someone pleast improve my phrasing and provide a reference] everything is being continuously created by God. A similar nontheistic view is continuous change following the process of evolution. This view is also found in some Quaker thought. Every person, Quaker or not, who follows the testimonies and practices compassion helps directly to bring the evolutionary potential of Quakerism into reality, or in traditional language, helps to make the Kingdom of God manifest on Earth. We do this through action which is the outcome of reflection.

The process of continuous creation is happening within each one of us, as well as in the natural environment and the universe we inhabit. Worship, and some forms of prayer, can be direct communication with the creative principle, the Divine, that of God within each of us. This insight exists in Hassidic Judaism, mystical Catholicism as well as in Quakerism. In Anglicanism it is called 'communion with God'.