List of events relevant to the evolutionary potential of Quakerism. Most external links in the table take you to articles in Wikipedia for more detail.

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1624 George Fox born
1644 John Lightfoot (1602-1675), Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University declared the date of creation was 3929 BC, pre-dating the estimate of 4004 BC in Archbishop Ussher's chronology
1675 Royal Greenwich Observatory commissioned by King Charles I , the first purpose-built building for science in the world.
1691 January 13 George Fox Died
1796 Quakers William Allen & William Phillips with others establish the Askesian Society in London, a scientific society, having previously been founding members of the Geological Society of London .
1809 February 12 Charles Darwin born
1859 Publication of “On the Origin of Species ” by Charles Darwin
1882 April 19 Charles Darwin died
1906 Arthur Stanley Eddington , Quaker Astrophysicist, appointed chief assistant to the Astronomer Royal at the Royal Greenwich Observatory .
1956 January 1 Kenneth Boulding delivered Backhouse lecture on “The Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism
1970 Howard H Brinton "Evolution and the Inward Light " published.
2000 Human Genome Project released working draft map of human genome
2003 Complete map of the human genome published by Human Genome Project