This glossary is not intended to be an on-line dictionary (if you want that try Wiktionary). This list is just to show how some words are used in this project. Often, but not always, this will be the way they have been used by Kenneth Boulding in 1956, so that within the project at least, we try to know what we mean. If you add to or change this page, please include reference to a source (the defined words are in Heading 3 style.)

Word ListEdit

Cultural evolutionEdit

[not yet defined] see also Wikipedia entry Sociocultural evolution

Evolution There is a process at work in the universe which is creative rather than destructive to which we give the name 'evolution' (Boulding 1964 p.6)


The process by which systems change is called mutation (Boulding 1964 p.6).

Social evolutionEdit

[not yet defined]


Boulding, K. E. (1964). The Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism. Wallingford: Pendle Hill Publications.