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Dear Friend

Like Kenneth Boulding, I believe that The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) has played a unique role in social and cultural evolution over the last three or four centuries, and that we have a unique potential to contribute to future evolution of humanity and other species. Of course we are not the only society to contribute, but I think that our unique history, our peculiar place in the world and our distinctive approach to religion can enable us to make a contribution which will not become real if we don't do it. Please join me in EXPLORING this challenge.

The project as two wings: theory and practice (or theology and action or faith and testimonies). This Wiki will carry the theoretical analysis, discussion and reporting, and can provide some support to practical action.

Take a look at The Challenge, the Project Brief and other pages listed in the Contents to see if this project might interest you. If it does there could be a few ways you might like to participate:

  1. Discuss the project as a whole in the Discussion tab at the top of the Main page or discuss the broad ideas, the big picture in the discussion tab at the top of the Big ideas page.
  2. Add comments or discussion about any page in this Wiki using the Discussion tab at the top of each page.
  3. Contact me to about anything through my talk page
  4. Improve, edit or add to existing Wiki pages, or start writing new pages in this Wiki.
  5. Discuss ways you can help to real-ise the evolutionary potential of Quakerism through practical action with people you meet in your communities or Local Meetings. Post your action plans and reports here, look for resources and ask for help.

I hope this will be a participatory process, and would love to hear your ideas and your friendly critical comment. Anyone can add to the discussion tab at the top of every page, and can suggest changes to any page. If you subscribe and become a member of this Wiki you can edit pages directly and be notified by email of changes to any pages you choose to follow.

Of course, while critical comment is encouraged and we expect to disagree about some things, speaking truth must be in a respectful and friendly manner.

I look forward to hearing from you

Ian Hughes 22:09, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

NSW, Australia.