James Backhouse

This is a complete list of Backhouse Lectures, from the first in 1964 to the most recent in January 2011. Full text of these lectures may be downloaded from

1964, Kenneth Boulding, The evolutionary potential of Quakerism

1965, Clive Sansom, The shaping Spirit,

1966, Rudolph Lemberg, Seeking in an age of imbalance

1967, Douglas V. Steere, On being present where you are

1968, William N. Oats, In the spirit of the family

1969, A. Barrie Pittock, Toward a multi-racial society

1970, Keith A. W. Crook, Security for Australia?

1972, L. Hugh Doncaster, The Quaker message

1973, Otto van der Sprenkel, Friends and other faiths

1974, Yukio Irie, Pilgrimage toward the fountainhead: Quakerism and Zen Buddhism today

1975, W. A. McNaughton, A time to reap, a time to sow: retirement

1976, Charlotte and Stewart Meacham, Imperialism without invading armies

1977, Mary Woodward, Papua New Guinea: third world on our doorstep

1978, Margaret Wilkinson, Wisdom: the inward teacher

1979, J. Duncan Wood, Quakers in the modern world: the relevance of Quaker beliefs to problems of the modern world

1980, (not published),

1981, Roger C. Wilson, What Jesus means to me: Jesus as the liberator

1982, Ormerod Greenwood, Celebration: a missing element in Quaker worship

1983, Sabine Willis, An adventure into feminism with Friends

1984, Peter Jones, Pilgrims for justice and peace

1985, Gerald Priestland, For all the saints

1986, Susumu Ishitani, Looking for meanings of my A-bomb experience in Nagasaki

1987, Carol and Dougald McLean, The vision that connects

1988, David Purnell, Creative conflict,

1989, Erica Fisher, A new-born sense of dignity and freedom

1990, Jo Vallentine and Peter Jones, Quakers in Politics: Pragmatisn or Principle

1991, David James and Jillian Wychel, Loving the distances between: racism, culture and spirituality

1993, Ursula Jane O'Shea, Living the way: Quaker spirituality and community

1994, Di Bretherton, As the mirror burns: making a film about Vietnam

1995, Donna Kyle Anderton and Barbara Baker Bird, Emerging currents in the Asia-Pacific

1996, Elise Boulding, Our children, our partners - a new vision for social action in the 21st century

1997, Richard G. Meredith., Learning of one another. The Quaker encounter with other cultures and religions

1998, Charles Stevenson, Embraced by other selves: enriching personal nature through group interaction

1999, Norman Talbot, Myths and stories, truth and lies

2000, Susannah Kay Brindle, To learn a new song. A Quaker contribution to real reconciliation with the earth and its peoples

2001, Hendrik W. van der Merwe, Reconciling opposites: Reflections on peacemaking in South Africa

2002, Mark Deasey, To do justly, and to love mercy: learning from Quaker service

2003, Helen Bayes, Respecting the rights of children and young people: a new perspective on Quaker faith and practice

2004, Ute Caspers, A friendship garden

2005, David Johnson, Peace is a struggle

2006, Polly Walker, One heart and a wrong spirit

2007, Jenny Spinks, Support for our true selves, nurturing the space where leadings flow

2008, George Ellis, Faith, hope & doubt in times of uncertainty, combining the realms of scientific and spiritual enquiry

2009, Helen Gould, The Quaking Meeting

2010, Young Friends, Finding Our Voice, Our Truth, Community and journey as Australian Young Friends