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This is Heading 2Edit

I want to find out how to generate a shaded paragraph, used for editorial comments.

[try enclosing in single square brackets]

then save the page. No good. I looked for it in the help system but didn't find anything. Now I'll try CTRL[

it does not show a characteer and nothing happens.

[like this]

Next I'm going to try enclosing in square brackets (single) but above the last line of text on the page.

{curly brackets}

And it does not work. Next I'll try curly brackets, and save - no good

I'll try a messagebox - no good

Now double square brackets

Now pipe text pipe curly-bracket

Below this line I will try template:infobox -

test Template Infobox


Info text ipsum lorem

Next line I'try the Template:Delete

| some text hopefully in a text box |}

like this - creates a link, not a text box. Now try some code I saw - this preformatted is to include code in text so it won't be read as code.

text inside textbox

No no no, just use:
 <br />BOX Contents <br />

Now try Template: TextBox

template text box
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is placed at the top of sandbox pages.
By using a template, it becomes easy to fix if users make a mistake while playing in the sandbox.
Type {{sandbox}} at the top of a sandbox.

Visit Template:Sandbox/doc to edit this text! (How does this work?)